Next Exit, Please

This morning was the first snow of the season for us central Ohioans.

As far as accumulation goes, it was just enough to be pretty, just enough to start a good ol’ fashion snow fight…and just enough to make the morning commute even longer.

As I was sitting in traffic, I realized that, if I was nimble enough with my new tires to take a detour route, I would. However, cars were foolishly bumper-to-bumper and I didn’t have the detour route fully mapped out in my mind. So, I waited…and waited.

This is what are loyal fans succumb to when they believe in our product or service and want to engage about it via social media. They wait for your next post, tweet, or comment with bated breath just to be let down by our lack of discipline (which is closely tied to strategy) to keep our content flowing along the virtual airwaves.

It behooves us all to get caught up, lined up with our latest happenings, and back on the air.


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