When to Celebrate the Holiday Season is Up to You

You have more time than you think to connect with your patrons during the upcoming holiday season. Pick a month to celebrate with them.

Say Thank You

The month of November can be a time of thanksgiving, gift shopping, and friendly gatherings. Offer a collectible item to add to their office or personal space. Provide access to a limited edition poster or send a framed photo of a special time together.

Slow Things Down

December can be a busy, exhausting month when relaxation and pampering is highly coveted. Start a “favorite things” list for your client base. As you network and collaborate on projects throughout the year, prepare for the next holiday season by noting the interests and items clients share with excitement or endearment.

Start Fresh

The month of January is opportunity for everyone to make a fresh start and get back in gear. Create a collage of photos captured throughout the year. Make sure to include photos with the patrons who will receive the message.

By celebrating the holidays on your own terms, you’ll convey genuineness in every act of kindness you make.

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