The Best Thing about Radio

Do you know what the best thing is about a radio station? You know that you’re going to hear one of your favorite songs…you just don’t know when.

That’s the hook. Because the disc jockey knows that you’re staying tuned to hear “your song,” your ” jam,” your theme song, he/she keeps spinning the records that keep you entertained until that beloved moment of audio bliss.

Do you know what the next best thing is about a radio station? While you wait for a favorite song to play, you discover new songs. Your ears and emotions experience a new release by a favorite artist, a song from the past that brings nostalgia, and a song by an artist you’ve never heard of–yet from whom you want to hear more.

These are all of the reasons you stay tuned…the reasons you are a listener.

In the technology age, we have radio channels and other kinds of channels–one group call social media channels. These channels, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others provide the same opportunities: to deliver the best thing–and next best thing–to our listeners, viewers, and readers. Our followers.

Is your company taking advantage of this opportunity? Are your customers also your followers?

If your current customers are experiencing something great through your products, services, and/or programs, then they already posses the interest to tune in and stay tuned to your stations. Prospective customers scan the social channels each day, looking for their favorite thing and anticipating the discovery of something new and exciting.

Provide them with what they’re looking for.


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